Crescent combats opioid epidemic with Kevin StevensNews

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Crescent combats opioid epidemic with Kevin Stevens

The opioid crisis is a national health emergency. It affects everyone, from every walk of life. The majority of those who have a substance use disorder started using before age 18.* So we decided to do something about it by teaming with former hockey star Kevin Stevens in bringing his message to Brockton students of how one decision can change the course of their lives.

Stevens was born in Brockton and grew up in Pembroke. He was an all-star power forward for the Pittsburgh Penguins, winning two Stanley Cup Championships in the early 90's. One of the best players in the game at the time, Stevens saw his career derailed by addiction.                                                                                         

Now in recovery, his mission is to run interference for anyone who would consider making the same mistake. Basically, Kevin's message is that one split second decision can alter the course of any life. A series of one-hour sessions kicked-off Monday, November 6th and Wednesday, November 8th with Stevens addressing student athletes at Brockton High School. 

You can watch his full presentation here or view news coverage of the event here.


*Per the National Institute on Drug Abuse.